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About the hotel

Hotel - Cafe - Restaurant TAVERNA
  • restaurant (55 seats)
  • Café Bar (25 seats)
  • summer terrace ( 25 seats)
  • hotel services ( 38 beds)
  • hotel car park ( 12 vehicles)
Possibilities for recreation and services in surrounding area:
  • Ski lifts: closest on the edge of the town of Jeseník, in Jeseník Spa and also in the neighbouring districts and skiing centres.
  • cross country skiing tracks in the surroundings of the hotel or in the surroundings of the skiing centres,
  • cycling, hiking,
  • mushroom and blueberry picking,
  • chateaus at Javorník, Velké Losiny, which also has a manual paper mill and museum, thermal swimming pool and spa,
  • Water fortress with museum of rock formations and precious stones in Jeseník, newly-opened museum of at Jeseník Spa,
  • Pomezí and Špičák caves in surrounding area,
  • Bowling squash centre 24km
  • Covered swimming pool in Javorník
  • Sports hall Javorník with possibility of hire
  • gym and fitness centre by Sports hall

  • Javorník (central height above sea level approx. 298 m)
    Javorník is situated where the northern slopes of the Rychlebské mountains meet with the fertile plain of the Vidnavské lowlands in a north-easterly direction towards the Polish river Nysa, and 22 km northwest of Jeseník. The town is of an industrial-agricultural character. The chateau at Janský Vrch (336 m above sea level) towers above the town. A development connects to the centre of the town in a north-easterly direction along the Javorník stream, which has an elongated shape, and extends almost to the Polish border. Already before the connection of the surrounding communities on the southern side to the Rychlebské mountains and their valleys, the district land register encroached on the other side in a north-easterly direction to the state border. The town and its surroundings lie away from the main transport arteries, and the roads here are of a more or less local character. The only more significant route is the connection from the town of Jeseník via Žulova and Javorník to Bílá Voda. Railways are also of a rather local nature and connect Javorník, the terminal station, with Dolní Lipová to the main route from Šumperk to Jeseník.

    The hotel is located in the town centre on 17. listopadu street, leading directly to Náměstí Svobody square. A car park is available for hotel residents for 12 vehicles, accessible from Školní street. A map of the town of Javorník is provided for your orientation.

    HOTEL TAVERNA s.r.o., 17. listopadu 450, 790 70 Javorník, tel/fax: +420 584 440 363,
    Tipy na výlet
    HOTEL TAVERNA s.r.o.
    17. listopadu 450, 790 70 Javorník
    tel/fax: +420 584 440 363

    Opening hours:
    Mo - Sa 11:00 - 23:00 Uhr
    Su 11:00 - 22:00 Uhr


    Accountable manager:
    Jiří Daniel, Zdeněk Průša


    HOTEL TAVERNA s.r.o.
    17. listopadu 450, 790 70 Javorník
    tel/fax: +420 584 440 363